Assistant Manager of Database Marketing

Location: Boston

Roles and responsibilities The Assistant Manager of Database Marketing will supervise a team of 10 marketing research executives who are analyzing and qualifying prospective clients for our database. You will have ultimate responsibility for sourcing & entering new accounts and new contacts into our CRM system. Beyond delivering team numbers, your role will also include developing our marketing employees while maintaining and maturing an existing lead process.
Required Competencies/Skills Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree
• Ideal candidates have 1+ year of management experience
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office and knowledge of
• Excellent organizational and communications skills
• Intelligent, detail oriented, innovated, and proactive

Core Responsibilities
• Hit monthly quota of new accounts created & current accounts re-qualified
• Oversee a team of marketers that have monthly targets for account creation and advancement
• Manage a large database of corporations and contacts
• Utilize Salesforce and other programs
• Manage incoming leads
• Supply qualified leads to the sales team daily
• Track and analyze data through spreadsheets
• Run meetings associated to the marketing team
• Train and develop marketing employees
Work experience 1-2 Years