Video Production Internship


Roles and responsibilities Brafton is North America’s premier content marketing agency, creating results-focused strategies and content to fuel SEO, social media and leads for clients. We work at the helm of the web marketing industry from offices in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. Our teams continuously build on expertise across new media formats, including video, blogs and infographics. Brafton has been on Inc’s fastest-growing private U.S. business list for the past two years. We are committed to hiring and developing new talent.

Internship Program Description:
A Brafton Video Internship is intended to nurture and further develop the interests and skills of those students working toward careers in film, video production, graphics and animation. An additional focus will be placed on the continued growth of video on the web, since video is the fastest growing online medium.

The below objectives and skill-sets cover a wide range of the different aspects of film production. The particular areas of emphasis which interns will focus more of their energies will be determined based on their own specific areas of focus and study. Each of these objectives can help students develop a more complete demo reel and resume to showcase their work and promote themselves in the industry.

• Running a video studio– Interns may be asked to manage camera and teleprompter operations, record in-studio videos or voiceovers or adjust lighting setups.
• Leading remote video shoots – For this objective, interns may be asked to use video cameras and microphones to interview members of the public about specific issues. In addition to audio/video elements involved, this type of production may also develop interpersonal communication and journalistic interviewing skills.
• Video editing – This type of work will help to bring students’ classroom editing skills and put them in a corporate environment, where deadlines and time pressures are a constant. Working to edit quickly, while maintaining a high level of production quality, is a necessary skill.
• Animation – Depending on skill-set, interns may look to develop their animation skills using programs such as After Effects to go beyond the classroom and showcase their originality and creativity while meeting separate client aesthetic demands.
• Video directing – As part of studio operations, interns may be responsible with directing talent on desired delivery, movement, inflection, etc. based both on aesthetics and client preference.
• Communication skills – Dealing with edit requests on content from clients and colleagues helps interns see the discussion that comes from a client-focused relationship. This is a critical skill for those working in a corporate environment or on a freelance production basis.
• Marketing/PR – In creating video for corporate clients, interns will be faced with ensuring a video is correctly targeted at specific demographics and hits key corporate messages.
Required Competencies/Skills Additional Program Specifications:
 Field of Study: video production related majors
 Minimum GPA of 3.0
 Duration 13 weeks (Fall, Spring, Summer)
 Weekly Time Commitment: Minimum 15 20 hours per week, ideally one day must be a full 8 hours in the office.
 Class: Are rising sophomores/juniors or above (Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply)
 Un-paid internship: available for course credit

HOW TO APPLY: Apply to our opening on our careers site
(include cover letter, letter of recommendation, portfolio)
Work experience 0-1 Year