Social Media Marketing Manager - ContentLEAD

Location: Boston

Roles and responsibilities Your Role:
The position of Social Media Marketing Manager requires strong experience developing and managing social media presences for multiple brands. You will be responsible for overseeing the execution of strategic social media and promotional campaigns, creating and managing accounts, and supervising an internal social media team. As part of this role, you will oversee the social media team’s tasks and responsibilities to ensure that production deadlines are being met. You will be responsible for maintaining and modifying internal documents and recommending new ways to streamline processes.
You must be highly organized, have strong interpersonal skills, and be proficient in social media networks and tools to be able to train internal teams on best practices. You will analyze results from our clients, set benchmarks for success and report on the effectiveness of campaigns to upper management. This role coordinates with the internal content marketing, account management, and other teams when needed to support their operations and social media training.

Core Functions:
-Team Management:
Manage and support the social media team to ensure effective lines of production, project delivery, and communication are being met. Oversee and approve proposals, projects, and content as needed to ensure a superior quality of service is being delivered to our clientele. Maintain and update internal production documents and social media applications.
Train social media team on networks, applications, best practices, processes, and timelines. Educate other teams on the best practices in social media as well as our program and services.
Coordinate with the account management, content marketing, and other departments for social media production as needed. Provide feedback and insights gained from social media marketing to internal teams to help evolve their strategies. Communicate with and influence clients as needed.
-Campaign Execution and Management
Oversee the execution of social media campaigns and recommend new techniques for optimizing client ROI. Develop and manage strategies. Assist in ContentLEAD’s marketing. Ensure that every client receives their allocated social media work on time, every month.
Collect reporting data from the social media team and analyze campaigns for effectiveness. Monitor trends in the social media space to be aware of market changes and developments. Consistently stay on top of what our clients’ competitors are doing and recommend new ways to improve our clients’ strategies.
Required Competencies/Skills Key Attributes:
Exceptional understanding of social media strategy. Strong understanding of how a business works. Ability to communicate clearly with any audience, internal or client facing. Possess outstanding organization and delegation skills as you will be running a team and managing their activities on a micro level. The ideal candidate will strive to be a leader in the organization by testing, learning, reporting and recommending new strategies.

Key Success Factors:
To be successful in this position, you need to have a strong focus on accuracy in your reporting, have demonstrated both knowledge of social media marketing as well as experience at leading projects and team members successfully. It will be important that you stay up to date on the latest trends and monitor competition in the industries to be aware of changes in the space. This person should be a team leader, with the confidence to guide other departments when necessary.

Time Breakout:
Team Management – 40%
Training – 10%
Internal and External Collaboration – 15%
Social Media Execution – 10%
Internal Analysis –15%
Market awareness and trends 10%
Work experience 1-2 Years