Chief Medical Officer

Location: Columbus, OH

Job Opening ID 50
Roles and Responsibilities As a senior executive of AccessMD Urgent Care, this individual will partner with other members of the executive leadership team and drive health innovation, strategy; monitors financial and quality performance; ensures regulatory compliance; oversees a senior team of clinical and practice managers; supports organizational growth through strategic decision-making and new initiatives; develops key alliances and engages in marketing and educational activities. This a demanding executive role that requires exceptional capacity to set and drive a vision, communicate and implement key organizational strategies, support and inspire a diverse and talented team of professionals across multiple locations, and stay up-to-date on all relevant health care and managed care policy and practice. Facility and agility using healthcare IT platforms is essential.

Position Responsibilities:
• Leads the medical management team and sets agenda and action plan.
• Attends and participates in high-level planning meetings.
• Oversees clinical quality and utilization management.
• Oversees NCQA PCMH and Meaningful Use team initiatives.
• Lead EMR optimization as well as the development and refinement of key performance metrics and clinical reporting initiatives.
• Periodically visits all practice sites, meeting with staff.
• Supervises Practice Executives to ensure smooth operation of all sites and timely credentialing of all provider staff.
• Ensures staffing levels are up to date and consistent with demand for services.
• Gives outside presentations to hospitals and training programs to assist with outreach and recruitment.
• Coordinates with HR recruitment team.
• In concert with RMD and HR, reviews and ensures compliance with policies and procedures.
• Uses metrics to set/monitor performance standards.
• Attends and/or oversees committee meetings: QA/QI/UR, Clinical Protocol, Pharmacy, and Infection Control.
• Performs credentialing oversight.
• In collaboration with Research Department, identifies, designs, and implements healthcare evaluation and research initiatives.
Skill Set Qualifications:
• Licensed in the State of Ohio as an MD/DO. In addition, M.B.A., M.P.H., or other advanced management degree is highly desirable.
• Minimum of five years experience in medical management as a CMO, CQO, or VP Medical Affairs or equivalent experience; evidence of progressively greater responsibility, including significant components of clinical performance improvement and patient safety accountability.
• Five years direct management, operational, and analytical experience.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; to organize and to plan, facilitate, and mediate with physicians as individuals or groups; and to anticipate problems and work effectively to resolve them.
• Possesses and uses current knowledge of quality improvement and assurance, staff and meeting organization, and approaches to the delivery of medical care and strategies for examining and applying relevant concepts.
• Has a demonstrated understanding of the social, political, and economic influences affecting health care program and services.
• Ability to advise the executive leadership team, medical staff, and clinical staff in the organization’s decision-making structures and processes.
• Advises the medical staff, the nursing staff, and other clinical team members in developing quality-assurance plans and implements ongoing programs to measure, assess, and improve the quality and outcomes of patient care.
• Advises the medical staff and administration in compliance with and in preparation for reviews by the state, federal, Joint Commission, and other regulatory agencies.
• Experience with clinical informatics and/or an electronic health record.
• Ability to create consensus within complex organizational constituencies and/or stakeholders; ability to build formal and informal relationships in order to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives.
• A tolerance for ambiguity combined with an appetite for managing change in a complex, fast moving organization.
• A passion for data and data analysis.
• A willingness to establish, then meet or exceed objective parameters of performance.
• The ability to project integrity and inspire confidence.
Work Experience 5+ Years
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