Software Test Engineer

Location: Anaheim, CA Type: Full time

Date opened 06-17-2013
Roles and responsibilities The mission of the S/W Test Engineer is to conduct and promote all aspects of a disciplined approach to software testing. To help the organization improve software quality by assessing the total quality of software deliverables and all associated processes as used to produce those products throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Develop test strategies and test plans
• Execute test plans and procedures
• Document test results in a formal test report
• Document and track all identified defects
• Provide follow-on support for on-site implementation
Skill set Required Skills and Experience:

• Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
• Fundamental UNIX and Linux commands experience and with emphasis on IBM AIX and Redhat Linux
• Knowledge of various browsers are required
• Writing software to automate test and measurement
• Excellent written, verbal and communication skills
• Minimum of 3 years detailed experience installing, configuring, and administering Windows operating systems from workstations to servers, WIN2k – Vista and Win2k Server to Windows Server 2008
• Knowledge of network concepts, protocols, and network troubleshooting skills
• Understanding of fundamental testing methodology with concentration on manual testing rather than scripted or automated testing

Desired Skills and Experience:

• An understanding of basic programming concepts, knowledge of Python, XML, C
• Strong skill sets with Mail Servers, Windows Domain Concepts, and MS Office applications
• An understanding of internet technologies, including web architecture, web server configuration, html, Xml, soap and other specific protocols
• Understanding of database concepts with experience on any major database server. Knowledge of SQL Server and Oracle
Classification: F/T
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