Water Conservation Corpsmember

Type: Full Time-Temporary Posted on 04/24/2013

Job opening ID 64
Essential Functions -Participate in and successfully complete new Corpsmember orientation and technical training.
-Engage on a small diverse team with a Crew Leader providing installation of new high-efficiency toilets throughout the Denver metro area for low-income residents. (Each installation helps save 140 gallons of water per week.)
-Collaborate with Client Intake department to fill weekly schedule for all Conservation teams.
-Interact with low-income clients to offer information on energy and water conservation techniques during technical installs or through neighborhood canvassing.
-Fully comply with agency policies and procedures regarding high quality work, installations, tool management, paperwork completion and data accuracy.
-Fully participate in environmental education, leadership development, civic engagement, healthy lifestyles, career development, independent living and service learning activities.
-Receive hands-on technical trainings including use of hand and power tools. Learn to problem solve diverse technical challenges in the work space.
-Adhere to the rules and regulations specified in the MHYC Corpsmember Handbook.
-Fully participate in safety trainings and adhere to agency safety rules and regulations.
-Fully participate in career readiness training activities
-Participate in training and support of other Corpsmembers; serve in various leadership positions.
-Demonstrate commitment to teamwork, communication and problem-solving.
-May be required to participate in additional training opportunities or complete a rotation on the MHYC Energy Conservation Crew installing energy saving devices.
-May be required to participate in Make a Difference Day on October 26, 2013.
-Report to a MHYC Crew Leader.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities -Ability to read, write and speak fluently in English and Spanish highly preferred. -18-24 years old.
-GED or HS diploma required.

-Valid Driver’s License preferred and have an insurable driving record if asked to drive.
-Desire to learn plumbing and water conservation skills. Construction or mechanical experience preferred.
-Able to lift 50 lbs.
-Able to conduct repetitive hand and arm motions.
-Able to maneuver in tight spaces, including bending and kneeling.
-Must make a strong commitment to term of service by being available for a minimum of 675 hours of service, 36 hours a week
-Preference given to local applicants living in the 15 county region of Colorado served by MHYC.
-Able to be on time and maintain a minimum of 90% attendance rate through term of service.
-Able to serve and learn with a positive attitude and show respect for others.
-Desire for personal challenge and self-development.
-Ability to engage with people from different backgrounds and demographics.
-Experience or a desire to engage with a diverse group of young adults ages 18-24.
-Must bring identification documents necessary to complete the I-9 and other forms on your first day. Examples of such documents are a passport or a driver’s license and social security card/birth certificate or other equivalent documents.
-Pre-service background check required. May be subject to FBI Background Check, which includes fingerprinting.
-Pre-service drug screen required. Drug testing may be required during term.
-Must be able to legally work in the United States, which will be verified via the federal E-Verify program
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