Assistant General Manager - da Vinci Villa Hotel San Francisco

Job opening ID 1
Date opened 07/10/13
Roles and responsibilities Directs and coordinates hotel activities to obtain optimum efficiency and economy of operations, and to maximize full potential with a balanced focus on mission and guest, employee and owner satisfaction. Is familiar with and complies with the da Vinci Villa’s standards in performing all key areas of accountability and other essential duties and responsibilities.

Key Areas of Accountability:
- Effectively and appropriately manages hotel staff.
- Plans, develops and implements da Vinci Villa’s policies and goals, maximizing standards of guest service, occupancy rates, and revenue goals.
- Ensures guests receive professional, efficient, prompt and courteous service through management of hotel staff.
- Ensures training and development of hotel staff to enable effective job performance, teamwork, attitude, and clear communications. Ensures hotel staff compliance to assigned position performance standards.
- Provides weekly statistic reservation forecasts, revises and maximizes selling strategies appropriately, and leads front desk staff in managing hotel reservations system to goal.
- Prepares, allocates, and manages hotel operating budget. Identifies areas in which upgrades are needed or reductions can be made. Monitors and maintains financial accounting records and prepares reports as needed.
- Accurately reviews and approves payroll before processing.
- Accurately manages Daily Operating Report, petty cash bank, audit files and procedures, accounts receivable, rents (if applicable), manager’s checkbook and check register, daily purchase records, and all other accounting records as required.
- Confers with General Manager and other department heads to review activity, operating, and sales reports. Evaluates and recommends needed changes in hotel programs or operations to hotel management.
- Performs daily and weekly property inspections. Ensures property, grounds, physical plant, and work areas are maintained to standard, and that all safety equipment and
conditions are to code. Monitors maintenance progress and FF&E conditions; recommends improvements; prepares status reports for hotel management.
- Ensures hotel supplies are ordered and stocked in advance of need through management of staff. Collects monthly inventories from department heads.
- Liaise with guests, staff and vendors to resolve conflicts courteously and professionally.
- Cultivates strong working relationships and communications with hotel staff, da Vinci Villa’s executive staff, and other departments to ensure maximum operating effectiveness and fulfillment of special event needs.
- Inspects rooms for VIP’s.
- Effectively and appropriately responds to all guest and employee emergencies.
- Review and confirm updates of rates in the computer system.
- Promotes da Vinci Villa within hotel industry, local community, and trade associations.
- Upholds and enforces da Vinci Villa’s mission/standards.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
- Works weekends and holiday shifts as Manager on Duty, as assigned.
- Carries and responds to radio at all times, unless otherwise authorized by GM.
- Attends and/or directs mandatory executive staff and departmental meetings. Conveys pertinent information to staff and department heads.
- Ensures effective, timely and accurate communication flow with regard to policies and procedures, achievement of hotel goals, etc.
- Ensures hotel staff is provided uniforms and nametags, and upholds da Vinci Villa’s grooming standards. Ensures hotel staff is in compliance with all safety and health requirements of da Vinci Villa, state, and federal regulations. Initiates safety training for hotel staff.
- Upholds and enforces da Vinci Villa’s key control standards.
- Ensures compliance and complies with da Vinci Villa policies and procedures.
- Ensures proper use and care of all da Vinci Villa and Café Como’s equipment and supplies.
- Carries out all reasonable requests of management not listed above.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Manages all departments and staff as applicable. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with da Vinci Villa’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training staff; planning, assigning, and directing work; arranging fill-ins; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems, etc.
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