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Posting title Recruitment Researcher
Job Description Overwhelmingly, people end long careers in despair, wishing they had had the insight, the ambition, the mentor and the opportunity to own their own business--be their own boss.

If you are a leader. If you have ambition. If you desire financial freedom. If you want to choose your lifestyle, now is the time, here is the opportunity. Don't wait until it's too late for you.

Own Your Own Recruiting Business

National Recruiters Network is now training only the most eager candidates to learn how to succeed and prosper in the recruiting industry. We specialize in financial services and technology jobs. We teach you how to set up and run your own business, working virtually from home.

Start Making Money Right Away

You don't have to wait. To get you started, we will supply all the clients and know-how you will need to launch your business and place jobs while you receive hourly compensation.

Virtually No Start-Up Costs

If you have a computer and a phone, that's all the equipment you need to launch your business. NRN provides comprehensive training and technical support, plus assistance with business set up.

Learn from a Successful, Experienced Professional

NRN President and Co-Founder Dave Tomer has thrived in the recruitment industry, in good times and bad, for over 20 years. You will receive all the tools and knowledge you will need to become a Wealthlete!

Qualifications: You Must Be Driven

• The knowledge of the financial services and technology industries is an asset but not a prerequisite
• You write well, you speak well, you treat others well; you are a rapport-builder
• You know your way around FB, Google, LinkedIn, Web 2.0 et al
• You will need to bring a superior work ethic, self-discipline, an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to become financially independent

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